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Author’s Bio

Paulette Perhach’s writing has been published in the New York TimesELLE, Slate, CosmopolitanMarie ClaireStylist UK, and Salon. She’s worked for Health and Coastal Living magazines, as well as various newspapers. Hugo House, a nationally recognized writing center in Seattle, awarded her the Made at Hugo House fellowship in 2013. She was nominated as one of the 2016 BlogHer Voices of the Year award for her essay, “Fuck Off Fund,” which is included in the anthology Freshman Year of Life from Flatiron Books, as well as a forthcoming anthology of feminist writing in 2019.

In 2008 she launched Drift, an arts and culture monthly, which won Best New Magazine from the Florida Magazine Association that year.

During her time as a Peace Corps volunteer, Perhach produced an educational podcast that garnered more than 40,000 downloads and created a Facebook community of 8,000. In 2015 she created the Writer’s Welcome Kit, an online course for writers that includes a 55,000-word workbook. Hugo House licenses and sells the course, and it also inspired a book called Welcome to the Writer’s Life, forthcoming from Sasquatch Books, now part of Penguin Random House in August 2018.

Perhach holds a magazine journalism degree from the University of Florida, as well as three-fourths of an MFA in Fiction from Pacific University, which got interrupted by the success of the Fuck Off Fund essay. She lives in Seattle, where she writes for the New York Times, Nir Eyal and other publications, and tries to keep her bank account positive while still living a life that she loves.

Failures, Humiliations, and Rejections

Paulette Perhach’s writing has been rejected from some of the nation’s finest publications. McSweeney’s, The Sun, Bitch, ZYZZYVA, and The Rumpus, are just a few of the places where you may have notice her work was not there. Of her writing, Tin House says, “Unfortunately, we must pass at this time.”

Her rigorous study at the University of Florida (Princeton’s Review’s #1 Party School in the nation, 2008), included courses on Drug and Alcohol Abuse (real class), Geology (commonly called “Rocks for Jocks”), and Racquetball (twice). She took out student loans for these things.

She was not the winner of the ASME internship in New York. She did not get the internship at This American Life, although later she paid to meet Ira Glass, like a creep.

At age 28, she attended an 8-month writing residency in her mom’s downstairs bedroom, where she borrowed her mom’s car and shoes to work a temp job doing data entry for insurance companies.

She once paid $400 worth of NSF fees over a three-month period. She once had to ask a friend to drive her to the plasma center. Last year she made $35,000 and spent $56,000.


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