On other people’s podcasts

Did You Hear My Entire Life Story on Afford Anything?

So ya’ll, I was on my casual trip to Las Vegas when I remembered that Paula Pant lives there. We decided to meet up for a co-working session, and then got to chatting about her podcast. She invited me on, which was so nice of her.

Beforehand, we talked about maybe discussing all the ways that people who want to retire and write could make a little side money. Sounded great.

I arrived that morning with a coffee in hand, not really having eaten. Paula records in her sound-proofed closet, so we had to sit on two stools, really close, and share a mic. It already felt like a confessional booth.

Then she starts me back with my childhood experience with money. I was like, “woah, ok, we’re going there…” What came out was essentially a 90-minute version of my financial memoir. There were tears.

Afterward I felt shaky and light, truly like a deep confessional had just occurred.

Since then, people have reached out thanking me for sharing this story and saying they’ve gone through similar experiences.

I hope you enjoy the episode!

Accepting your Financial Reality on Martinis and Your Money

On this episode of Martinis and Your Money, I talk with the business bad ass Shannon McClay, telling her about my fall from Fuck Off Funder to Fuck Off Fundless.

Listen now!

Shannon’s Podcast Notes

  • Cut down on non-essentials, don’t cut them out completely.
  • Willpower Instinct – a book about the hidden factors about willpower and how having something be forbidden and bad is not helpful.
  • When you cut out everything, often times you will go to the other extreme. It’s like yo-yo dieting.
  • Unfortunately, the biggest way to build credit is by using credit cards. Credit card companies report to the credit bureau the most. You need to know how to play the game.
  • Take the buffet of wisdom that is out there and apply what works best for you.