Fuck Off Fund Guide to YNAB

YNAB is a software that will help you. As long as you help it help you. Like a pet, you have to take care of it daily. Keep it fed and watered. Does that sounds like work? Well, it is, a little bit. This is adulting after all.

Here’s everything I’ve learned about using YNAB so far:

Daily Tasks

Go to your account, click Import

Categorize all purchases

Make sure your To Be Budgeted is green.


On Payday

Categorize the money you get as To Be Budgeted

Ask yourself what that money most needs to do



Look at the age of money. You’re trying to get that number to 30.

Ask yourself if there are things you need to save for, and set goals




General Things

Your Cleared Balance should match your bank balance

Any grey “C” symbols should be cleared. You can go to select all, edit, then mark as cleared.