The Fuck Off Fund Guide To Money

This is what we’ve learned so far.


Month: January

Superhero: Amanda Clayman

Theme: What the fuck is wrong with me?

Don’t yell at yourself. It’s just another way of procrastinating instead of actually addressing the problem.

Listen for when you’re calling yourself “you”, e.g. You suck at money! I want to murder you! I know 5-year-olds that are more fiscally responsible than you! Come back to I.

Accept who you are. If you know you spend money, look at how you can earn more.


Month: February

Superhero: The Good People at YNAB

Theme: How do I get my shit together?



Go to account, click import


Put any transfers in To be budgeted

Review all transactions

Make sure everything is green


Under Budget

If the available is in red, at that much in budgeted


On Payday

Put the amount in To Be Budgeted

Ask yourself: Where does this money need to go?

Think through true expenses



Age of money: try to get it up to 30 days

Are there things I’m saving for?

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